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The cashmere, or Kashmir, is one of the most popular textile fibers for both the creation of knitting and accessories for the winter. All cashmere garments are recognizable thanks to their softness and lightness of the garments. Warm, light and fluffy, it gives a pleasant feeling of love and protection.

Riviera Cashmere origins go back to 1922 with the foundation of the Filtes manufactory in the area of Firenze. Passed down from father to son, the historical company values are the culture of work, respect for the skills of others and meticulous work.

Riviera Cashmere is the result of a passion for accessories exclusively made in Italy from high quality cashmere. The company selects the best raw material produced by the Capra hircus goats at the edge of the Gobi desert in Asia. The yarn, its dyeing, design, production, are all made in Italy, ensuring respect for the environment and research for the highest quality.

Riviera Cashmere is now one of the most important brands of specialized clothing fashion accessories for cashmere. The company continues to follow its main principle to produce all its articles only on Italian territory, in true Italian style recognized throughout the world. The company creates and develops fashion lines also samples of design for major brands Italian, British, French and Americans. In order to anticipate the trends, it attaches a great importance to the necessity to stay humble, open, learn every day and be flexible to face the changes. Hence, Riviera offers a multitude of colors in cashmere, from classic colors and natural to the brightest and most fashionista. Each season, designs and hues are chosen to create the trendiest accessories perfectly matched to the clothing of the moment.



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