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Caravelle® vision and innovation are dedicated to fashion and fine craftsmanship from Italy, France and UK. We were named from the vessels sailing the seas from the 15th century to trade and explore the world.  

The main founder of Caravelle ® is an Italian family who operates in the luxury fashion universe for more than 30 years. Their rich experience of local companies, products and their passion for luxury have strongly contributed to define our mission. Italy has a long history of excellence in design and craftsmanship and it was obvious for us to be in this environment. Beauty of Italian art, landscapes, delicacy of its architecture and unique lifestyle became thus naturally an important source of inspiration for Caravelle®.

During the last decade, our main founders have intensively cooperated with major Asian online players for luxury goods and enriched its experience. Caravelle® joined this new trend of development, considering the development of transnational distribution channels with internet, changes in customer experience and expectations, and rise of emerging markets as exciting new challenges.

The company has teamed up with the most important Italian luxury goods distribution network and built a high-quality e-commerce website. It currently offers the best luxury selection online with synchronization of inventories with our partners every hour, minutes by minutes.   

In the recent years, Caravelle® has moved towards the pioneering e-commerce business model of Manufacturer to Consumer (M2C), consisting in bringing to clients high-quality products directly from authentic Italian manufacturers at a good price offer through the absence of intermediaries.

Hence, Caravelle® decided to mobilize all its experience, expertise and resources to create this innovative platform. We currently partner with several reputational factories in Italy, some of which having even more than 100 years of great and irreplaceable experience in the production of luxury goods for famous luxury brands or for their own brand.

In the future, we will increasingly carry on our mission to bring the ultimate shopping experience for our clients and the finest goods at the best price in the Great China area and all over the world. Our concept relies in these words: “We make luxury affordable ”.

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